FREE digital connectivity* that  makes your business more efficient…

Mercedes me gives you the heads up you need to plan maintenance and repairs well in advance, at a time that’s convenient to you, meaning you can focus on the demands of your business. Plus, software updates can be provided over-the-air so no time is lost visiting a workshop.

See fuel or battery levels, mileage and locking status

With a glance at your smartphone, you’ll know if you’ve got enough fuel or charge to get to your next job and see information like your van’s mileage, recent trip data and tyre pressure. Check the locking status of the doors and tap to lock and unlock them remotely.

View your van’s location

You can track your van’s GPS location and, if it’s parked up, you can see the quickest walking route back to it.

Stay constantly connected to your van via the Mercedes me app

Less downtime

Get notifications on faults and repairs with Telediagnostics

Increased efficiency

Combine servicing and repairs for fewer workshop visits

Instant insights

Check your fuel or battery charge levels remotely via the app

Additional assistance

Support your drivers with Breakdown Management and Accident Recovery

Real-time visibility

See your van’s live location with the Vehicle Tracker and Parked Vehicle Locator

Enhanced security

Secure your van with Remote Door Locking & Unlocking

Why should I activate the Mercedes me app?

Being digitally connected to your van has real, every day practical benefits for your business…

Helps you avoid wear-related breakdowns by monitoring critical parts.
With Maintenance Management, your Dealer will be able to see what requirements are needed ahead of your service.
Our workshops will know your vehicle’s condition in advance, so everything is planned to minimise your vans downtime.
With Vehicle Tracker, Parked Vehicle Locator and Remote Locking/Unlocking, you’ll be constantly connected to your van.

What does the Mercedes me app do?

Here’s a guide to each of the free* services and the benefits for your business:

Assistance & Aftercare

Telediagnostics. Mercedes me can detect wear on critical parts such as brake pads. Your Dealer will receive a notification and contact you to book any repairs. This could prevent components failing, reducing your costs and downtime.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics.

Ahead of a workshop visit, your Dealer will be able to run a quick test to assess your maintenance requirements, allowing them to notify you and order any parts so that repairs and servicing can be taken care of in advance and together for maximum efficiency, again reducing your van’s downtime.

Maintenance Management.

Mercedes me will run an automatic maintenance test before your service light comes on, then transmit the results to your Dealer so they can prepare an itemised quote for repairs and servicing. They can contact you to plan your workshop visit well in advance to minimise any impact on your business.

Accident Recovery.

Once an emergency call has been resolved, further accident management support is offered to help recover your van or to tow it to a Mercedes-Benz Service outlet.

Breakdown Management.

If you request breakdown assistance, your MobiloVan technician will be able to see your GPS location and assess the condition of your van remotely, enabling them to find you easily and prepare so there’s a greater chance they may be able to repair your van at roadside.

Software updates.

Over-the-air software updates are sent directly to your van’s head unit. This means you’ll always know your software is up to date and you’ll save time by avoiding additional workshop visits.

For more detailed information, download our Mercedes me: services guide

Vehicle Supervision

Vehicle Tracker.
See your van’s location on the map in your app, making it easy to call or message your driver and re-route them to fit in another delivery or pick up if a quicker route is available.

Parked Vehicle Locator.
If you’re within 1 mile of your van’s parked location, the app can generate the most convenient walking route – very handy if you’re in unfamiliar surroundings and on a busy schedule.

For more detailed information, download our Mercedes me: services guide

Remote Access

Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status.
Use your app to check on fuel/charge level, tyre pressure, mileage, average fuel consumption and trip information. Not only does this help you plan your day’s journeys, it can save you admin time on tasks such as logging your mileage for expenses.

Remote Door Locking & Unlocking.
The app allows you to check if your van is locked. If you lock your keys in the van or need to give another driver access, you can do it via the app, from any distance away. For added peace of mind, you’ll receive an email notification when your vehicle is unlocked.

For more detailed information, download our Mercedes me: services guide

EV Services

Programming of charging settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control.
Climate control can be started remotely when your van is charging so energy used for heating will draw on the mains power to avoid depleting your battery. This means you’ll have maximum comfort and battery range.

Display of Charging Stations.
Need to plan a stop for charging? Mercedes me shows you charging stations in the surrounding area on the map and enables you to set the preferred one as your destination, reassuring you that it will be within your range.

Range on Map.
The range display in your app helps you plan a journey with confidence as it shows if you can reach your destination using your existing battery range, whether it’s in ‘critical range’ or cannot be reached. This takes into account the geography and other characteristics of the route.

For more detailed information, download our Mercedes me: services guide

Which Mercedes me services are available for my vehicle?

The table below shows you the range of services for our diesel and electric models and whether they’re free for life or for a limited period.

Mercedes me services All models Electric models
Maintenance Management Free – unlimited time Free – unlimited time
Accident Recovery & Breakdown Management Free – unlimited time Free – unlimited time
Remote Vehicle Diagnostics** Free – unlimited time Free – unlimited time
Telediagnostics Free – unlimited time Free – unlimited time
Software updates Free – unlimited time Free – unlimited time
Vehicle Tracker Free – 3 years^ Free – 3 years^
Parked Vehicle Locator Free – 3 years^ Free – 3 years^
Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status Free – 3 years^ Free – 3 years^
Remote Door Locking & Unlocking^^ Free – 3 years^ Free – 3 years^
Programming of charging settings and Pre-Entry Climate Control Not available Free – unlimited time
Display of Charging Stations Not available Free – unlimited time
Range on Map Not available Free – unlimited time

Mercedes me keeps you constantly connected to your van, your drivers and your next job.

Ready to set up Mercedes me? There are just 4 simple steps:

1. Creating a personal and business profile.

Your Dealer is able to set up Mercedes me profiles on your behalf. They will first set up your personal profile which allows you to keep any private vehicles separate and enables you to become a company administrator when they set up your business profile.

2. Accepting Terms of Use.

As your profiles are set up, you will receive emails confirming your Mercedes me ID and directing you to the Mercedes me desktop portal where you can sign up to the Terms of Use. There are two sets of agreements, one for your personal account and one for your company profile.

3. Adding vehicles and services.

Once you have agreed to the Terms of Use, your Dealer will pair your new vans to your business account and activate the Mercedes me services for you.

4. Install and start using the app.

As soon as your registration is complete, you can log in to the Mercedes me App using your Mercedes me ID, then assign yourself a vehicle and use the Mercedes me services.

For more detailed information, download our Mercedes me: services guide

Download and install the Mercedes me app

Mercedes me FAQs

How much does Mercedes me cost?

Mercedes me services are either free for an unlimited duration or free for the first 3 years. After the initial 3 year term has expired, these services can be renewed for a fee.

How do I know if Mercedes me works on my van?

You can connect to Mercedes me with any of our brand new models and Approved Used/Used Sprinters (2018 onwards) and Vitos (2020 onwards) . If you’d like to know if Mercedes me works with your van or have any other questions please contact us.

How can Mercedes me benefit my business?

Greater efficiency, cost savings and visibility of your van at all times. You’ll receive notifications to help plan maintenance and repairs in advance, at a time that’s convenient to you. Plus, software updates can be provided over-the-air so no time is lost visiting a workshop. With the Mercedes me app on your phone, all it takes is a quick glance at your van’s fuel or battery charge level and you’ll know if its ready for the day ahead. It’s also reassuring to know where your van is 24/7 with GPS tracking, making it easy to see if your driver is on schedule and your day is running smoothly. These are just some of the benefits, and once you start using the app, checking Mercedes me will soon become second nature.

Does Mercedes me offer dedicated features for electric vans?

Yes, you can use the app to view your van’s battery level, current range and charge status. You can also pre-condition the cab to start climate control while your van is charging, using mains power rather than drawing on the battery. There are navigation features too, enabling you to plan your journey based on your vehicle’s current range and see charging stations on your route if you need to stop to charge your van.

How do I set up Mercedes me?

You can set up Mercedes me using the steps explained above which involves creating a personal and business profile, accepting the Terms of Use, adding vehicles and services and installing the app. For further help, you can also download our Mercedes me: set up guide which takes you through the process screen by screen.

How do I add a driver to my business account?

As a company administrator, you can add new users to your Mercedes me business account. Your colleague will need to set up their own personal Mercedes me ID first. Once their email address is registered in the system, you can log in to the desktop portal and assign your colleague as a driver (with limited use and visibility of allocated vehicles only) or as an administrator (to have identical rights and access to you).

I’ve bought a used Mercedes-Benz van. Can I still use Mercedes me services?

Yes, please contact your Dealer who can help you set up an account. Due to data protection, your Dealer needs to verify that you are the legal owner of your van and therefore eligible to access its data. Please note that only certain services may be available – depending on the age and model of your van.

How do I download the app?

Once you’ve registered with Mercedes me online and created your account, you’ll receive your Mercedes me ID. You can then download the app from the App store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.

Where do I login to my account?

You can login to the Mercedes me portal on your desktop and on the home screen of the app. For your security, we’ll send you a 6 digit code to your email when you login which you will enter on the app. You can then choose to stay signed in if you prefer.

Who do I speak to about Mercedes me if I need help?

Intercounty Truck & Van can help you with the set up process and any troubleshooting. Contact us.

Register or login to your Mercedes me account

Mercedes me keeps your business moving.

* To use the services, you must register on the Mercedes me Portal and also accept the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me services. In addition, the respective vehicle must be paired with a user account. Upon expiry of the initial term, the services can be renewed for a fee. Initial activation of the services is possible within 1 year of first registration or initial operation by the customer, whichever occurs first. Please note that the scopes can differ depending on model series, year of construction, equipment and whether the customer account is a private or a business account.

Mercedes me is available for the Vito, eVito, Sprinter and the eSprinter. It includes a range of digital services, free for an unlimited time or for 3 years (according to service), to help manage your vehicle. Details correct at time of press – April 2022. Please note, services may change over time. In the case of questions concerning the availability of Mercedes me services for your vehicle, please contact your preferred Dealer.

The availability of the control unit needed for 4G connectivity is temporarily limited for certain vehicles due to supply bottlenecks. This means that all Mercedes me services, including the emergency call system (eCall) are temporarily not available in the affected vehicles. For further information please contact your preferred Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

^ Services offered with a 3 year duration must be activated within 1 year of vehicle registration. After the initial term has expired, these services can be renewed for a fee.

** These services are unavailable on the new Citan or eCitan models.

^^ This service is not available for fully integrated camper vans on Sprinter basis.

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